• Huskups

    It’s time to replace disposable coffee cups with UK design Huskup. Use our eco reusable Rice husks Fibre café mug. Eco-friendly, infinitely reusable, keeps your coffee warm for a longer time. It’s ideally used for hot coffee, tea, bubble milk tea and citrus drink. Its leakproof lid function ensures proper hygiene after drinking from the lid, use it as reusable straw for your cold drink.


    Product Dimensions: H120 x W85 mm

    Volume: 400 ml (12oz)

    Product Weight: 170 g


    $29.90 (incl. 8% GST)
  • Shophouse Tingkat Carrier

    A historical type of building in Singapore’s architectural heritage. The Shophouse “Tingkat Carrier” comprises three stacked layers and is easy to use. This is a modern take of the traditional ‘Tingkat’ that people use to pack and carry meals. Specially designed by NAFA Student.


    Product Dimensions: L175 x W175 x H205 mm

    Volume: 1200 ml

    Product Weight: 1085 g

    Shophouse Tingkat Carrier

    $69.90 (incl. 8% GST)
  • Disney Mickey Dining Ware Set

    The Disney Dining ware set is perfect for the toddlers’ meal times or on family days outings. The sets comprise a spoon, fork, bowl, cup and plate that come with a limited edition jute bag that’s easy to carry around. They are non-toxic and BPA- Free, ensuring that meal times are made safe for your little ones.


    Product Dimensions:
    Sippy Cup: L107 x W74 mm
    Bowl: L170 x W38 mm
    Spoon: L144 x W41mm
    Fork: 148 x W41mm


    Product Weight:
    580 g

    Disney Mickey Dining Ware Set

    $79.90 (incl. 8% GST)
  • Disney Lunch Box

    Special limited edition Disney bento. Make your child’s meal time a colourful one with these handy bento boxes, featuring the lovable Disney Bentos! These durable bento boxes are made from rice husks fibre, which is non-toxic and safe for your little ones. The silicone band mickey hands wrap around the cover, tightly locks the lid while in travel, seals in food freshness, and prevents unwanted spilling.


    Product Dimensions: L165 x W120 x H62 mm

    Volume: 550 ml

    Product Weight: 325 g

    Disney Lunch Box

    $29.90 (incl. 8% GST)

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